Year 10 at Emmaus
Hope Labs

In Year 10 Hope Labs, students learn about themselves. They discover their strengths, talents, character strengths, motivations, values and passions in life. They connect the things that they learn about themselves to an area that they feel passionate about to forge an innovation project. While creating the project, students work through innovation processes, such as design thinking and entrepreneurship. Students choose a topic which interests them and align this with a perceived area of need to develop a one-of-a-kind project idea. This project is presented to their peers and their families, opening them up to many avenues of feedback. The students are then encouraged to pursue and develop these projects for real-world applications.

Using the tiles above, you will be able to look at sample lesson overviews, to get a taste of the different tasks and content that will be covered throughout the unit.


Innovation Presentation


Journal Entries

Please note that this subject counts as one of the two required Humanities selections.