Year 10 at Emmaus

Learning Area: Technology

Students are introduced to some technical cooking skills such as pastry making, yeast baking, pasta making and the aeration of egg whites. They are expected to demonstrate safe and hygienic behaviours whilst in the kitchen. Students are introduced to the basics of the restaurant industry and investigate the role and responsibilities of chefs, techniques for plating food and the components of a menu. Students use the Design Process to plan and cook a two course lunch for an invited guest.

Areas of Study

  • Safe work practice and hygiene standards that are industry appropriate
  • Nutritional concepts
  • Food styling
  • Cooking methods
  • Operations within the Hospitality Industry
  • Food presentation/Garnishing
  • Restaurant Planning
  • Restaurant Setting
  • Restaurant Function

Curriculum Strands

  • Technologies and society
  • Technologies contexts (Food specialisations)
  • Creating designed solutions


  • Kitchen Workbook
  • Personal Management
  • Application of Skills
  • Restaurant Operations
  • Semester Examination – Practical
  • Semester Examination – Written