Year 10 at Emmaus

Learning Area: Humanities

Subject description

Civics and Citizenship at the Year 10 level is an elective and one semester subject. It studies the Australian Political and Legal System.  The areas the students will look at are: Differences between Laws and Rules; The need for laws; The affect of the Australian Constitution on our lives- Separation of Powers; Federal and State Parliament; Local Government; Voting and Electorates; Australian Citizenship; Parliament and the Courts as Law Making institutions; The nature of Australia’s political parties, elections, voting and citizenship; Our Legal and Judicial System – Criminal Law and Civil Law.

At Year 10 level, students draw on a range of resources including mass media (newspapers; current affair programs) to articulate and explain own opinions on political, social and environmental issues on a national and global scale. The students will participate in a range of citizenship activities within the community, including an incursion from a current Federal/State Parliamentarian who will address the students on the activities of the Parliament.

Areas of Study

  • Democratic Government in Australia
  • Australia’s Democracy in the Global Context


  • Briefing Report on Social Cohesion
  • Research Report on Australian Democracy in Global Context
  • Semester Examination