Year 10 at Emmaus
Physical Education

Learning Area:  Health & Physical Education

Subject Description

This subject is specifically designed for those students who want to pursue a path in physical education. If you are thinking about selecting Physical Education in VCE then this subject would be the one for you. Selecting Health and Physical Education would also be a benefit if you’re able to fit it in with your other elective choices.

Physical activity, sport and recreation are an important part in the lives of people in Australia. Participation in physical activity provides opportunities for relaxation, enjoyment, recreation, fitness, social interaction and competition. Students will experience a variety of physical activities both on and off campus. Students will look at many systems of the body including muscular, skeletal, respiratory and circulatory all in an effort to further understand how the body works particularly during exercise. They will be introduced to the body’s energy systems which is an integral part of an athlete’s performance. Furthermore, they will begin to explore the biomechanics behind each sport both from an equipment and technical viewpoint. All these areas are used to help athletes gain a better understand how to succeed in their chosen sport.

Areas of Study

  •   Body Systems
  •   Energy Systems
  •   Biomechanics

Curriculum Strands

  • Personal, social and community health
  • Movement and physical activity


  • Tests
  • Laboratory Reports
  • Games Analysis
  • Assignments
  • School Based Practical Performance
  • Semester Examination