Year 10 at Emmaus

Computing is about creating information products using different software tools.

It is also about understanding the technology process in order to come up with appropriate solutions to information problems. The technology process involves four steps, Analysis, Design, Development & Evaluation. Students will learn how these four steps come together to create solutions.

Theory topics covered range from hardware, software, networking and the History of the Internet. This unit briefly covers ICT issues which affect society and computer networks. Students will be required to submit a research task on an ICT issue of their choice. Another major assessment is an assignment where students will create a logo for a business using Adobe Illustrator. Using their logo design, students will then create a website for the business. Further assessment tasks include theory worksheets and the end of semester examination.

Areas of Study

  • The Technology process to solve information problems
  • Image manipulation
  • Types & purpose of digital images
  • Effective Web design
  • History of the internet
  • Effective searching techniques
  • Computer hardware & software theory
  • Computer Networking & internet theory
  • Issues related to networking and living in an online world.

Curriculum Strands

  • Digital systems
  • Data and information
  • Creating digital solutions

Software Used

  • Adobe Illustrator: Students will learn the skills to create images and logos.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver: Students will learn how to create websites
  • Adobe Flash: Students will learn how this program can be incorporated into web design.
  • Adobe Photoshop: creating images and buttons for web pages.


  • Series of Illustrator Tasks
  • Logo Assignment
  • Theory questions & activities
  • Web site Assignment
  • Research task on an ICT issue
  • Semester Examination