Year 10 at Emmaus

In the Year 10 Fitness elective, students will be introduced to the topic of planning, implementing and evaluating a training program.

The focus of this study is to develop an understanding the components of fitness and assessment of fitness from a physiological perspective. Students will be asked to consider the manner in which fitness can be improved through the application of appropriate training principles and methods. Students will have the ability to select a sport of their choosing, in which they will conduct an activity analysis of themselves to determine the fitness requirements needed for them to write their own 6-week training program.

Throughout the course of this subject, students will participate in a range of fitness based activities that will be conducted through both external instructors and classes run at school. They will also be required to participate in their training program over the 6-week time frame.

On completion of their training program they will be able to develop an understanding of the long term adaptations that an athlete’s body can make to the cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular systems as a result of training.

Areas of Study

  • Introduction to Fitness Components
  • The purpose of Fitness Testing, both theoretical and practical concepts
  • Undertaking an Activity Analysis
  • Training Principles and Methods
  • Development and participation of a 6-week training program
  • Evaluating their success to training
  • Chronic Adaptations to both aerobic and anaerobic training.

Curriculum Strands

  • Personal, social and community health
  • Movement and physical activity


  • Tests
  • Laboratory Reports
  • Games Analysis
  • Assignments
  • School Based Practical Performance
  • Semester Examination