Teaching and Learning

The learning program at Emmaus College aims to prepare students for life, focusing on the acquisition of knowledge and skills to enable them to lead successful and productive lives, including providing opportunities for them to make choices about their career pathways and to develop their personal interests and passions.

The learning programs offered to our Years 7 to 10 students are diverse, offering a combination of core and elective subjects that cover the breadth of the Victorian Curriculum. The learning students experience during their time at Emmaus College prepares them for the varied senior pathways offered in Victoria. The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is completed in the senior years and at Emmaus, where students can select from one of 5 VCE pathways on offer.

There VCE pathways for students to select include;

  • VCE ATAR Pathway
  • VCE ATAR Pathway with VET
  • VCE Vocational Major
  • VCE Certificate Pathway
  • VCE Certificate Pathway with VET

At every Year level, a wide range of subjects is available to students. The range of subjects at each level covers the nine key learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education, Technology, Languages, Humanities, the Arts and Religious Education. Our learning program teaches students how to become excellent learners whilst developing, supporting and extending their interests and passions.

Within the Victorian Curriculum there are four General Capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical, Interpersonal and Personal, and Social. These Capabilities are incorporated into appropriate units of study.

At Years 7 – 8 students experience an extensive core curriculum that provides them with a broad and solid basis on which they can build their personal learning programs.

At Year 9 we offer a unique exploratory educational program that specifically focuses on deep learning for students at this level. The program is delivered at our Burwood Campus, a dedicated campus for our Year 9 students.

During Years 9 and 10 our subjects are divided into core and elective subjects. Core subjects ensure that careful attention is paid to the development of more advanced written, oral and mathematical skills. These skills hold a central place in our learning program. Elective subjects provide students with opportunities to pursue the development of deeper learning that aligns with their personal interests and skills.

At Years 11 – 12 students select from a wide range of VCE subjects that align with their interests and abilities. Religious Education and one of the three English subjects are compulsory in the VCE; however, all other subjects are selected by the student. The VCE program can include a VET subject and/or a Vocational Major where students can participate in Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) or a School Based Apprenticeship/Traineeship (SBAT).

With the increasing maturity which accompanies the progression of students from Years 7 – 12, a greater choice of subjects is offered. The College believes that the most effective way of catering for individual needs, abilities and aptitudes is through the exercise of informed choice within a wide-ranging curriculum.

Emmaus College Charter for Contemporary Teaching and Learning
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Personalised Learning

Emmaus College uses many forms of data to support and track student progress. High performing students are usually identified before entry to the College and our learning data tracking processes may identify further students once they begin at Emmaus College. We offer differentiated learning for students who are in need of extension and and acceleration program into VCE Units 1 and 2 at Year 10 and Units 3 and 4 at Year 11.

Students experiencing learning challenges or difficulties are assisted by our Learning Diversity team with dedicated coordinators and Learning Assistance at each year level. Students can be referred to Learning Diversity based on the NCCD (Nationally Consistent Collection of Data) process. Program Support Meetings are held regularly to discuss student learning and goal setting to support student growth and development with parents, students, teachers and relevant Emmaus staff.

Assessment and Reporting

Reporting at Emmaus College is continuous meaning that marks, grades and comments for Assessment Tasks are published on the College’s Learning Management system (LMS) Emmlink. Assessment can be formative or summative and feedback given to students is targeted, focusing on areas of success and areas for improvement. Rather than waiting until the end of the semester, parents can immediately read what advice students have been given in order to improve their work. At the end of each semester, there is a summary statement of results which is also available on Emmlink.

Assessment and Reporting Policy
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