Transitioning from primary school to high school can be daunting and challenging for some students, whilst exciting for others. At Emmaus College, staff work hard, ensuring the transition into Year 7 is as smooth as possible.

Transition into 2021
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Moving into Year 7 2021
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Parent Handbook for Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools

At Emmaus College we have a number of ways to assist students;

Transition Visits
A leader from the Student Wellbeing Team visits or contacts local primary schools from which students have enrolled for Year 7 at Emmaus College. This is a visit with Grade 6 teachers held during Terms 3 and 4 each year. This visit is designed to discuss students’ academic and social needs.

Testing Day
Students come to Emmaus College on a day in July for testing. This testing allows our staff to get an idea where students are in terms of literacy and numeracy, which will enable students to get the best educational and pastoral support as they begin and move through Year 7.

Orientation Day
Year 7 students have one half day and one full day of orientation to Emmaus College.  One half day in mid November and one full day before the other students commence the school year. On the first orientation, students are introduced to their pastoral class and teacher.  They will engage in a number of getting to know you activities and meet the students who will be in their pastoral group the following year. During the second orientation day, students become familiar with some of the everyday elements of secondary school such as their timetable, classrooms and lockers, and they are able to ask any questions they have to better ease them into the start of high school.

Year 7 Camp
During the first term of Year 7, students embark on a three day camp to Rawson. The aim of this camp is to develop relationships with other students in their class, house group, as well as their pastoral teachers. The activities on camp are enjoyable as well as aimed to develop skills and values.

Peer Support Program
Selected students from Year 10 work with Year 7 classes to build confidence and self-esteem in their younger peers.