Student Wellbeing
Psychology and Counselling Service

The Psychology and Counselling Service play an important role in relation to the wellbeing and mental health of students.

The College Psychologists possess a wealth of psychological and educational knowledge and expertise to support students to achieve academic success, psychological health, and social and emotional wellbeing. The primary services provided to students include individual counselling, cognitive and learning assessments, small-group workshops, and the implementation of wellbeing promotion activities.

Counselling can be provided to students when issues of a psychological nature interfere with the normal progress and wellbeing of the student in the school setting. Individual appointments provide students with the opportunity to have a conversation with a mental health expert within an atmosphere of trust and confidence. The service offers a short-term solution-focused approach to help students confidently build their personal capacity to meet challenges. College Psychologists also assist in referring students to appropriate agencies or external supports should that need arise, such as for longer-term support.

Group interventions are facilitated regularly throughout the year. This type of support provides an effective and positive way of delivering direct services to students alongside their peers.

The College Psychologists also provide consultation and advice to teachers, House Leaders, and Assistant Principals concerning student welfare and management, and contribute to whole-school prevention, intervention and post-intervention programs that aim to increase students’ wellbeing.