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Emmaus College staff must be committed to the ethos of the College, professional and focused on their approach to teaching and learning, and have a genuine interest in working with secondary school age students.

Our employment policy has been developed in the light of Emmaus College’s Mission Statement, in which we seek to live by and teach values upheld by the Catholic Church while also celebrating our Catholic identity.

Being a staff member at Emmaus College means membership of a vibrant, diverse and large school community with a continued focus on self, student and school improvement. Collegial support, respectful students and excellent physical facilities make Emmaus a workplace of choice for our staff.

Staff are supported in their Professional Learning through school-based and external PL opportunities. The College Board supports staff financially who are involved in relevant further studies.

Teaching staff are supplied with a school-owned tablet computer as part of their employment conditions.

Employment Collection Notice
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Expectations of all POL Positions at Emmaus College
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Recruitment Policy
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Role of a Teacher
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House Leader, Science Teacher and HPE Teacher

As such all applications for employment at Emmaus College need to be aware of the following:


Emmaus College is committed to the creation and maintenance of a child safe school environment.
All employees have a shared legal responsibility to provide a child safe environment and contribute to a safe working environment for staff in their area.
Emmaus College is an equal opportunity employer.