Year 10 at Emmaus
Theatre Studies

Learning Area: The Arts

Subject Description

In Year 10 Theatre Arts students begin the Monologue. Students select a monologue to research, create and perform to a chosen theatrical style, presenting a folio explaining their creative choices. The main body of work lies in the “Process and Performance” unit. Students develop their understanding of the three stages of production by working in a chosen area of stagecraft. Students present their performance and create a folio detailing the creative process.

Areas Of Study

  • The four stages of Production – Planning, Development, Season & Evaluation
  • From Script to Stage
  • Application of Stagecraft Elements: acting, costume, direction, dramaturgy, lighting, make-up, multimedia, properties, promotion, set, sound and stage management.
  • The Australian Theatre Industry
  • Folio Development
  • Analysis of Professional Productions

Curriculum Strands

  • Explore and express ideas
  • Theatre Studies practices
  • Present and perform
  • Respond and interpret


  • Production Analysis
  • Folio
  • Semester Examination