Year 10 at Emmaus

Learning Area: The Arts

Media Studies is designed to provide a balance between the understanding of specific qualities of good photography, film making and the training in the use of technical and digital equipment to construct photography and film. Each project is set to challenge and feed knowledge or skills to enhance the next project. Students will complete this course in conjunction with the study of film and photography through a specific narrative. The use of a folio will showcase the process students undertake in realising their products. They will be aware of how film and photography communicates meaning using image composition and other principles and conventions of film and photographic production.

Areas of Study

  • Media forms, codes and conventions
  • Narrative Structures
  • Media Production

Curriculum Strands

  • Explore and express ideas
  • Media practices
  • Present and perform
  • Respond and interpret


  • Social Representation Analysis
  • Mise-en-scene iMovie
  • Cinematic Trailer
  • Semester Examination