Year 10 at Emmaus

In the Year 10 Health elective students will be introduced to the broader meaning of health, including the dimensions and major factors affecting the health of Australians.

This will include key national health priority areas, including Diabetes, Cancer Cardiovascular Disease and Mental Health. Students will be required to explore the pathophysiology of these conditions, role of health promotion, along with understand and interpret current health data trends.

Students will then need to expand their understanding of health to a global perspective to consider health status in developing countries. This will incorporate the role of sustainability in order to effectively promote health and make a difference to areas of concern, such as safe water and sanitation, malaria and HIV/AIDs. Students will also investigate the role of government and non-government organisations, which may include AusAID, Oxfam and the Red Cross.

First Unit Overview
Introduction to health
Adult and Australian health (NHPA areas)
Health promotion and information night

Second Unit Overview
Global Health and Developing Countries
Introduction to sustainability
Government and NGOs to deliver Aid e.g. AusAID, DFAT, Red Cross, Oxfam
Design a program