Student Wellbeing
Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is the total atmosphere of care arising out of the actions taken by the College to promote and enhance student wellbeing. It incorporates all elements of a personal, social, intellectual, physical, emotional or spiritual nature.

Pastoral care is ingrained in school life and informed by our Catholic Ethos, College Vision and Mission and our Wellbeing policies, such as our Pastoral Care of Students Policy, Student Behaviour Policy, Student Code of Conduct, Child Safety and Wellbeing policy, Anti-bullying and Cyberbullying Policy, and ICT Acceptable Usage policy.

A safe and inclusive school culture is developed through positive relationships and this is central to all that we do. Healthy student and teacher relationships are fostered through pastoral care time and daily teaching and learning activities. Student-peer relationships are established in classes, during recess and lunchtime and through school and co-curricular activities.

Our Health and Personal Development curriculum teaches students the social and emotional skills they need for life. Our Student Leadership and Peer Support Programs develop skills such as leadership, confidence, courage, creativity and curiosity. Our students are also involved in many Community Service and Social Justice activities throughout the year, building their empathy and gratitude. Students who need specific personal support can access our Psychology and Counselling Services.

Key elements of student wellbeing are positive self-regard, respect for others, positive relationships, responsible behaviours and personal resilience.