Year 10 at Emmaus

Learning Area: The Arts

Subject Description

Drama is an art form which uses the complexities of life for its material and is a way of making sense of the world. Drama shows an intention to create, to take part in and to present or perform that which is learnt.

Dramatic learning must involve personal, social and cultural learning contents. The development of cognitive, sensory, aesthetic and physical areas in the individual is necessary to student dramatic development.

Apart from significant performance and skills content, the Year 10 course includes play-reading and interpretation, and an historical and theoretical component.

Drama has a significant performance and skills content but includes in its core, content which covers play reading and interpretation, and historical and theoretical components.

The main objectives of the course are to introduce and develop the skills of dramatic expression through individual and group work; and to extend and develop the personal growth and confidence of students and their use of Drama as a form of communication.

Areas of Study

  • Introduction to Drama as an Artform
  • The world of Naturalism and Stanislavky
  • Theatre of Alienation and Brecht
  • Modern Drama: Expressionism
  • The Playmaking Process
  • Application of Dramatic Elements: climax, conflict, contrast, focus, language, mood, rhythm, sound, space, symbol, timing and tension
  • Improvisation
  • Analysis of Professional Productions

Curriculum Strands  

  • Explore and express ideas
  • Drama practices
  • Present and perform
  • Respond and interpret


  • Reflective Journal
  • Live performance Review
  • Performance before an audience other than their classmates
  • Semester Examination