Informing and Involving Parents

College Calendar
The College Calendar is published at the beginning of each year as an official timetable of College Activities. Each family receives a copy.

College Newsletter
The College publishes a Newsletter every three weeks which is designed to keep parents and students informed of activities at the College.

College Annual
Published at the beginning of each year the College Annual provides the official records of the previous year’s activities, including class photos. A copy is distributed to each student.

Parent Meetings
At important times in the Academic year, meetings are held to outline programs and special events to parents. At some meetings, parents have the opportunity to meet with Pastoral Teachers and other staff and address any concerns. Once per term the Principal conducts a ‘Parents Forum’, usually with a keynote speaker.

Web Site
The Emmaus College website address is:  The website provides a ready source of information about the College and its activities, as well as contact points within the school.

Reporting and Assessment

Reporting at Emmaus College is now continuous which means that marks, grades and comments for Emmaus Assessment Tasks are published on the College’s Learning Management system (LMS) EmmLink. At the end of each semester a summary statement of results is also available on EmmLink.

Involving Parents
Parents are encouraged to become involved in the College through Membership of:

  • The Emmaus Parents and Friends Association
  • Board Committees – Education and Finance
  • Assistance in the College Canteens
  • Mentoring students in the College
  • Attending Parents’ Forums
  • Support other College activities and events

EmmLink is our Learning Management system, Portal and Intranet. This platform provides a personalised and engaging learning environment for Emmaus students. Parents will benefit from viewing their sons/daughters time table, homework tasks, assessment tasks and grades.


The Emmaus College Intranet allows the school community (depending on rights password rights) access to EmmLink (where both parents and students can view homework tasks, results and timetable), Community Portal (where parents are able to view fees), Operoo (where parents are able to update medical information and provide approval for excursions), emails and the Vermont South Library.

Emmaus Intranet

Operoo (formally known as CareMonkey) is online database for the collection of emergency medical forms from parents that are required on an annual basis for school records, and also for excursions, overnight camps etc. Being online, parents retain control of the data and they can update it at any time, ensuring information is always up-to-date. Operoo significantly reduces the need for parents to complete multiple medical forms over the course of a school year. Operoo also allows for parents to complete digital permission slips for various school activities throughout the year.


Annual Report
The primary purpose of annual reporting is to inform parents and the wider school community of the school’s successes, activities and achievements throughout the year. The report also provides an opportunity to communicate and publicise the longer term directions for the school. Annual reporting is an important tool for effective governance within schools.

2019 Annual Report
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