Informing and Involving Parents

College Calendar
The College Calendar is published at the beginning of each year as an official timetable of College Activities. Each family receives a copy.

College Newsletter
The College produces a Newsletter every three weeks. It is posted on Emmlink and emailed to all families. It is designed to keep parents/guardians and students informed of the news and activities of the past three weeks at the College.

College Annual
Published at the beginning of each year, the College Annual provides the official record of the previous year’s activities, including class photos. A copy is distributed to each student.

Parent Meetings
At important times in the Academic year, meetings are held to outline programs and special events for parents/guardians. At some meetings, parents can meet with Pastoral Teachers and subject teachers to build and maintain collaborative relationships. Parent Student Teacher Conferences are held twice a year, where bookings are made via the College Intranet Emmlink. The “Parent Forums’ conducted throughout the year assist and enlighten parents/guardians with presentations and discussions on issues relevant to school-aged children and young adults. There is usually a keynote speaker and a panel of experts.

Web Site
The Emmaus College website address is:  The website provides a ready source of information about the College, its facilities and activities, as well as contact points within the school.

Reporting and Assessment

Reporting at Emmaus College is continuous, where assessment results, grades and comments for Emmaus Assessment Tasks are published upon completion via Emmlink, the College’s Learning Management system (LMS). At the end of each semester, a summary statement of results is also available via EmmLink.

Involving Parents
Parents are encouraged to become involved in the College through Membership of:

  • The Emmaus Parents and Friends Association Committee
  • The College Advisory Council
  • Assistance in the College Cafes
  • Mentoring students, assisting with Year 9 Mock Interviews and presenting at Year 9 and 10 Career Forums
  • Attending Parent Forums
  • Support other College activities and events