Religious Education

Learners carry diverse experiences, contexts and narratives into the Religious Education process.

Religious Education at Emmaus College engages fully with the mission of the Catholic Church. In particular, the College seeks to offer students the opportunity to explore the message of the Gospel and the Catholic Tradition in all its wisdom, complexity and challenge.

Religious Education is a compulsory core subject for all students from Year 7 to 12, including intermediate and senior VCAL.

Retreat/Reflection Days take place from Years 8 to 12. The Liturgy or Mass is offered on a regular basis. For example, House masses, Year level masses, whole school liturgies occur on a number of occasions throughout the school year.

A key element of an Emmaus students’ experience is the opportunity to participate in social justice events/groups such as, The Saint Vincent de Paul conference, fundraising for Caritas and Children First Foundation.

The Religious Education Program from Years 7 to 10 is constructed around the five content areas below:

  • Scripture and Jesus
  • Church and Community
  • God, Religion and Life
  • Prayer, Liturgy and Sacrament
  • Morality and Justice.

VCE students undertake VCE Religious Education units, Religion and Society Units One and Two and Texts and Traditions Unit One (Year Ten). Students can then elect to undertake the Unit Three and Four level of Texts and Traditions in Year 11 or 12.

Questions about the Religious Education Learning Area should be directed to the Learning Area Leader, Miss Allison Nally.