Through learning languages, students acquire:

  • communication skills in the language being learnt
  • an understanding of other cultures as well as an understanding of the role of language and culture in communication between and within cultures
  • an oportunity for reflection on language use and language learning.

Language learning provides the opportunity for students to engage with the linguistic and cultural diversity of the world and its peoples, to reflect on their understanding of experience in various aspects of social life, and on their own participation and ways of being in the world.

Learning languages broadens students’ horizons in relation to the personal, social, cultural and employment opportunities that an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world presents.

At Emmaus College all students at Year 7 study a language, choosing between Indonesian, Italian or German.

At Year 8 students continue to study the language they studied in Year 7, developing more advanced language skills.

From Year 9, students can elect to continue to study a Language.

Questions about the Languages Learning Area should be directed to the Learning Area Leader, Ms Maria Sabo.