The humanities involve the study of human behaviour in social, cultural, environmental, economic and political contexts.

The humanities look back to past behaviour as well as providing a focus through which to see and understand the contemporary world. The human story is told from personal, communal and global perspectives, as well as considering challenges for the future.

Through studying humanities and social sciences, students will develop the ability to question, think critically, solve problems, communicate effectively, make decisions and adapt to change. Thinking about and responding to issues requires an understanding of the key historical, geographical, political, economic and societal factors involved, and how these different factors interrelate.

At Emmaus College Humanities is a core subject from Years 7-9.

Beginning at Year 9, students are able to choose from a range of Humanities electives:

Year 9
Business Edge, Archaeology: Can You Dig It? Fact vs Fiction

Year 10
History, Geography, Economics, Civics and Citizenship

Year 11 and Year 12
History, Geography, Business Management, Accounting, Economics, Legal Studies

Questions about the Humanities Learning Area should be directed to the Learning Area Leader Ms Andrea Contessotto.