Daily Procedures ICT Devices

ICT Devices are tools to support learning at school and at home.

Students must be aware of and abide by the ICT Acceptable Usage Policy and Personal Mobile Devices Policy. In addition to this, students along with their parents are required to sign the User Agreement. Students have the responsibility of managing their own ICT Devices in a mature and sensible manner.

Protective Cover or Carry Case

All ICT Devices must have a protective cover or carry case. When carrying devices throughout the college, students must ensure that the device is in the approach case. Particular care should be taken with protecting the glass screen. The cover/carry case should also protect ICT Device against scratching.

College Wifi Settings and Software Licencing agreements.

In order to connect to the wifi and access the internet, all ICT devices used in the college must have installed the required certificates. The college firewall protects students and their devices against inappropriate content and malware.

Laptop Software

The college’s Microsoft agreement for Office 365 provides students with;

Five licences to install & download Office 365 on multiple devices.
One Terabyte of storage space in the Cloud in MS Office portal online.
Access to college email online through the MS Office Portal

Also provided by the college is Trend Micro Virus scanning software.

Battery Charging

ICT Devices must be fully charged in readiness for each school day. The College advises that power adapters should be left at home.

ICT Devices Battery Care

Importantly, heat will degrade your battery’s performance. It is advisable to keep ICT Devices out of the sun or a hot car (including not leaving it locked up in a hot glove box during summer).

Upgrade to the Latest OS

When an upgrade of an Operating System is released, it is advisable to update ICT devices immediately. This will ensure your device remains secure from viruses and unauthorized intrusion.

At Home

Students can use their ICT Devices at home to connect to your home wifi network. Parents are encouraged to supervise appropriate usage at home. The College’s Internet filtering program will not work on home networks.

Transporting and securing Of ICT Devices

Students are expected to take full responsibility for securing ICT Devices on and off site. The College will not be responsible for ICT Devices that are lost, damaged or stolen.

Within the College

ICT Devices are to be secured in the student locker when not in use. ICT Devices are NOT to be left in lockers overnight or on weekends/holidays. If for some reason the ICT Device cannot be taken home, please check it into the ITS@Emmaus. Students are encouraged to place ICT Devices into their secure lockers at recess and lunchtime. A healthy balance on screen time and social interaction is encouraged.

In-transit to and from the College

Students are to bring their ICT Devices to and from school each day, unless otherwise advised. To prevent opportunistic acts of theft, ICT Devices need be concealed within the school bag. It is important that ICT Devices are carefully packed inside the school bag to prevent accidental damage. As a precaution it is advised not to place ICT Devices at the bottom of the bag. Students should exercise care when placing their bags on transport.

Folder Structure & File Storage

In using ICT devices, students need to develop organisational skills in the digital domain.

Students are responsible for naming & storing files in appropriate locations on their ICT device or in cloud storage.

Students need to ensure folder structures are logical & methodical. Subject folders with sub folders are to reflect topics studied.  The naming of different types of files are to be meaningful and consistent.

Back up on ICT Devices

Students are responsible for backing up their ICT Device. The external media used can be a USB or external hard drive. Cloud storage locations can also be used for back up. For example iCloud, MS One Drive.

Loss of data resulting in late submission of assessment tasks and classwork will not be deemed an appropriate excuse for non-submission/completion of course work. It the students’ responsibility to ensure that appropriate means of backup are taken.

Screen Damage on ICT Devices

Screens are made of glass and is susceptible to damage. Pressure on the screen may cause the screen to crack/fracture rendering ICT Devices as unusable. In this situation, ICT devices can become a hazard to use. In the event of the screen cracking or breaking, parents are required to have the screen repaired as soon as is practical.