Year 7
Health and Physical Education

Physical activity, sport and recreation are an important part in the lives of people in Australia.

Participation in physical activity provides opportunities for relaxation, enjoyment, recreation, fitness, social interaction and competition. The experience of physical activity in play, recreation, sport, fitness and outdoor environments, provide challenge, personal growth and enjoyment. It promotes lifelong participation in physical activity through the development of movement competence and examines the factors that affect people’s participation and performance in physical activity.

During theoretical studies, students explore the health concerns of young people and the nutritional strategies that are designed to improve their health. They also explore the nutritional requirements for athletes in various sporting situations. Students identify outcomes of risk-taking behaviours and evaluate harm-minimisation strategies when focusing on a Drug Education unit.

Students will experience a variety of physical activities including a three- week self defence unit which develops a basic understanding of self-protection when faced with difficult situations. Students will also look at the components of fitness and ways to improve an athlete’s performance, including participation in a range of fitness based incursions.

Areas of Study

  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Drug Education
  • Practical work

Curriculum Strands

  • Personal, social and community health
  • Movement and physical activity


  • Tests
  • Self Defence Program
  • Assignments
  • School Based Practical Performance