Year 7

Students studying German at Year 7 level are exposed to a variety of themes that assist them to gain a clear understanding of the language and culture of Germany.

The Year 7 German course at Emmaus College follows the Victorian Curriculum Languages achievement standards and includes the strands of Communicating and Understanding. Students demonstrate skills in these strands through different listening, speaking, reading and writing activities and are assessed through the choices they make in formulating their response to, or use of, the language. A combination of language and cultural activities provides an interesting platform for learning all things German.

Areas of Study

  • The Greetings
  • Numbers, age and dates
  • Colours and countries
  • Family, animals
  • Culture – Introduction to Italy and Carnevale

Curriculum Strands

  • Communicating
  • Understanding


  • Listening & Reading Comprehension
  • Speaking
  • Written and Oral activities
  • Culture Research Tasks
  • Semester Examination