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More House is named in recognition of St. Thomas More College (1968–1979) which was the original school on the Vermont South (formerly Forest Hill) site, run by the Christian Brothers. The school was named after Thomas More (1478–1535), a legendary figure in English history.

Thomas More had an education suited to a son of a gentleman, and became a lawyer on the insistence of his father, despite considering becoming a priest. He was very successful and was eventually elected to the English Parliament.

The late 1520’s were the start of the downfall for Thomas More – years that would lead to his eventual martyrdom. Around the time that More was appointed Lord Chancellor, Henry VIII proclaimed himself ‘supreme head’ of the Church in England. Unable to accept this, More resigned his position. In 1534, Thomas More was summoned to take an oath that Henry VIII was supreme ruler over the Church. He refused – an act considered to be treason. Thomas More, after declaring that in religious matters the King’s authority could not override his conscience, was executed on July 6th 1535 when he reputedly stated, “I die the king’s loyal servant, but God’s servant first”.

Thomas More is considered a role model. He set high standards in relation to maintaining Christian moral values, and to stand up for what is right.

Thomas More was a person who reached great stature in society, but maintained his personal integrity, true to his family, his faith, and his God.

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