Year 9@E

Year 9 at Emmaus College (Y9@E) addresses fundamental realities about late-Middle Years learners.

As students reach the end of the middle years of their secondary education, their needs change; when these needs are not met, the risk of disengagement from school is significant. Re-engaging students for their senior years can be be a lengthy and problematic process.

Young people in middle adolescence are transitioning from a parent-dependent childhood to an increasingly independent, and peer-dependent, young adulthood. Teaching and learning which embraces this, which connects meaningfully with their lives in the classroom and beyond, engages and energises students.

Y9@E offers our students a strong and rich pastoral environment, where the development of the whole person is of pre-eminent importance.

Teaching and learning that is academically rigorous, with the goal of providing quality education for our students, is central to our endeavours. While our curriculum is grounded in the Victorian Curriculum there are a number of areas which offer integration of subjects in exciting and innovative ways.

And by exploiting the full advantages of being resident at our Y9-dedicated Burwood Campus, closer to inner-city Melbourne, our Y9@E Programmes offer Emmaus students wonderful opportunities for engaging learning and development. 

What will my child be doing at Y9@E in 2020?

  • Study in environments and modes that are responsive to their diverse learning, social and emotional needs
  • Experience teaching and learning practices which are innovative, challenging, academically rigorous and which exploit the full potential of information and communication technologies
  • Engage with a rich learning community … in class and beyond
  • Connect with the wider local and Melbourne community
  • Explore Pathways for life after Year 9 and after Emmaus
  • Investigate real world problems
  • Participate in intensive, off-campus learning opportunities
  • Undertake Inquiry Based Learning
  • Actively contribute to their own learning, and reflect upon their learning in structured ways
  • Establish and build meaningful relationships with significant adults
  • Develop and nurture an identifiable, unique sense of self
  • Celebrate and be recognised for their achievements; through exhibitions, digital and bound portfolios and performances

The Elective Program

Students in Year 9 will study 2 elective units each Semester.

If students select a Language, they will study that language in each Semester, allowing them to select one other unit in each Semester.

Students may select no more than three Units from the one Learning Area

Learning Area
  • Design and Branding
  • Creative Quest
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Performance and Stagecraft
English People Have the Power
  • Business Edge
  • Can You Dig It?
  • Fact vs Fiction
  • Indonesian A & B
  • German A & B
  • Italian A & B
  • Earth & Space
  • Food Glorious Food
  • Engineering with Robotics
  • So You think You Can Sew?
  • A Career in IT
  • STEM
Physical Education
  • Step Up!


This is an inquiry-based subject designed to develop students’ independence and self-directed learning skills.

City Explore

Phase 1

As part of Investigation, students explore the hidden secrets and significant historical sites Melbourne’s CBD has to offer through a series of guided and self-guided tours over three days in Term One. The aim of this program is for the students to develop travel independence, knowledge of their City and ignite ideas for an Investigation.

ACMI Parliament House
Discover Melbourne Tour  Eureka Skydeck/ Great Melbourne Race
Multicultural Melbourne Street Art Tour
Old Melbourne Gaol Urban Seed Presentation/Tour

Phase 2 (Terms 2 and 3)

Students will develop an open-ended investigative question and a thorough plan during their Investigation classes. They will then spend two separate days in Melbourne’s CBD to conduct their Investigation.



If students can begin to focus on their future, then their time at school has genuine meaning. The Pathways program involves the following ‘real life’ experiences:

  • Cover Letter, Resume writing and job interview skills
  • A 15 minute job interview, chaired by an external Human Relations professionals
  • Exposure to tertiary pathways
  • Conversations About Career Forums – professionals from industry (Physiotherapist, , Paramedic, Nurse, Psychologist, Police Officer, Accountant,  Building and Construction, Engineer,  Vet, Pharmacist, Journalist, Social Worker,  Kindergarten Teacher


Developing University Partnerships

Y9@E is planning to develop partnerships with universities aimed at firing the imagination and ambition of our students who wish to continue on to tertiary studies.



In Year 9 students will be involved in a five day beyond school Discovery experience. Students are presented with various options such as: Sea Kayaking, Mountain Bike Riding, Surfing, Performance, Hospitality and Sailing.

This program is designed to challenge students to move out of their comfort zone and develop a resilient approach to physically, emotionally and psychologically challenging situations. The challenges begin when students are involved in the preparation and planning phase of the experience. Also, living interdependently with peers and having to be autonomous and responsible is vital at this sensitive stage of their development.

Mind & Body

Adolescent mental and physical health is vitally important. As our teenagers continue to develop an emerging sense of their own young adult identity, one of the most important ways we can help is to educate about the many facets of a healthy life. The following units are covered:

Drug & Alcohol Education, Nurture Self-Image and Relationships, Pathways, Resilience, Mindfulness, Study Skills and Transition skills (into Year 10).

Certificates Program

Student engagement in school thrives when students can connect their learning to the real world. All students will complete two of the following recognised certificate courses:

  • Barista
  • Cake Decorating
  • Food Handling
  • Soccer Refereeing
  • Level 1 First Aid
  • Soccer Coaching
  • AFL Coaching
  • Life Saving Bronze Star
  • Basketball Coaching

Community Service

As part of the Religious Education curriculum at Year 9@E, students look closely at the Catholic Social Justice principles Human Dignity, Solidarity and Common Good. So that the students can connect these principles to the real world, they participate in a Community Service placement for six afternoons. Students attend placements to work with and see first-hand people in our society who, at times are marginalised and are in need of our support and understanding.

Students are placed in Aged Care facilities, Charities and workplaces and schools catering for people with a disability. The following is a list of placements the students work in: Glenallen, Knox Combined Industries, Nadrasca, Vermont Special School, Victoria Grange Aged Care, Inala Village, Nazareth House Aged Care, Burwood Hill aged Care, Elizabeth Gardens Aged Care, Cabrini Residential Aged Care, Highwood Court Aged Care, Lake Park Aged Care, Crofton House, Blue Cross Livingstone Gardens Aged Care.

Active Life

Every Thursday afternoon, students participate in a Sport & Recreation program. Students participate in a different activity per term: Life Saving Victoria Bronze Star, Level One First Aid, Umpiring qualification in Cricket, AFL, Basketball and Netball, Martial Arts, Zumba and Pilates, AFL Netball, Soccer & Basketball Skills and Drills, Fitness & Weight Training, Junior Sports Trainer Course, Dance, Theatre Sports and Orienteering. Students also get the opportunity to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award as part of this program.