Reminders for the Last Week of Term

The College Investiture for our College Captains, Vice Captains, House Captains and Committee Captains will occur during the Pastoral lesson on Thursday. We will start the day with Pastoral/Period 2, then Period 1 so our Year 9 students can attend the Investiture. Students will go to their pastoral class at 8.35am for an 8.40am roll call and uniform check and then move to the Stadium to sit in pastoral groups with their pastoral teacher. Swift movement to the TFS will enable the Investiture to finish on time. All other student leadership roles, such as committee members and SRC, will be inducted at the beginning of 2023.

It is important to keep students focused and engaged in their learning during this last week of Term 3. Our VCE Unit 4 students will be finishing the content of their courses in preparation for practice exams during the holiday period, 26 to 30 September and the formal VCAA exams starting on Wednesday, 26 October.

Continue to record the times students leave the class to visit the toilet, first aid or ITS. Students should not be leaving class for any other reasons. No students are permitted to leave class early so they can line up at the café.



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