Religious Education
Religious Education

The Year 8 Religious Education Program is developed from the Archdiocesan Religious Education Framework : Coming to Know , Worship and Love.

The Year 8 Religious Education Program at the College takes a ’thinking curriculum’ approach which integrates content and process. Religious Education at Emmaus also addresses the religious and spiritual dimension of life. It sets out to explore with students that the person of Jesus gives meaning to life and learning. Reflection days, class and level liturgies, class prayer and outreach activities are an integral part of the Religious Education program. The positive commitment and respectful attitude to the religious education program of the College is a central part of the enrolment pledge agreed to by both student and parent.

The Dimensions of Religious Education

Religious Knowledge and Understanding

This dimension develops the knowledge and understanding of the key practices and beliefs of Christian communities both past and present.

Reasoning and Responding

This dimension focuses on the development of particular ways of thinking and acting that arise out of Christian knowledge and understanding. The combination of knowledge and reasoning will enable students to respond to Catholic tradition and its call to contribute to the building of the reign of God.

Personal and Communal Engagement

This dimension focuses on the nurturing of the spiritual life, the importance of belonging to the faith community and engagement in community service. It is within this dimension that the Religious Education curriculum extends beyond the classroom to include retreats, the sacramental life of the Church, community service, leadership formation and contribution to civic and faith communities.

Areas of Study

  • Scripture and Jesus:  the Scriptures and the message of Jesus Christ; the Jewish context of the life and words of Jesus; Jesus as a model for living.
  • Development of and beliefs of the early Christian communities.
  • Ways of being Christian; Participating in the life of the Church.
  • Church and Community: the living Tradition of the Catholic Church and the participation in its mission. Living the Christian life.
  • Symbol and Ritual; focus on the Sacrament of Initiation.
  • Prayer and Liturgy; focus on the Season of Advent.


  • Fact File: The Life and times of Jesus  (ICT focus, mock documentary, I-Movie)
  • Researched written report on significant people in the Early Church
  • Symbol and Ritual – exploring the meaning and significance of symbols and rituals for Christian Churches.
  • Preparing prayer and liturgy services.
  • Semester examination