Tuition Fees and Charges Guidelines 2022

Tuition Fees and Charges Guidelines 2022

In spite of substantial assistance received from the Australian and Victorian Governments, the financial contribution expected of parents is still considerable. Some of the costs listed below must be paid no matter which school a student attends. To enable parents to know clearly the full extent of their financial commitment the following summary is presented.

Yearly Costs

These annual costs consist of:

Fees and Charges
The College has annual charges for tuition, composite levies and compulsory camps. These combine to form the total College fees which are charged annually in advance in late November. It is compulsory to pay fees by Direct Debit (payment plans are offered in choices of four, ten or twenty instalments) or paying fully in advance and receiving a discount. Whilst every effort is made to contain costs, fees usually increase each year to cover staffing and other costs.

Composite Levies
These levies cover expenses associated with each subject. The levies cover costs of the College Yearbook, day excursions, visiting speakers and performers, learning resources and materials required by the particular subject. No requests for monies (except Residential Excursions which are optional) will be made of students during the year. No reductions are available in Composite Levies.

Compulsory Camps
All Year Levels, with the exception of Years 10 and 11 have a compulsory camp that is linked to education programs. It is expected that all students attend these camps. A medical certificate is required for any student unable to attend a camp. Costs vary according to the nature of the camp.

Student Textbooks and Stationery Items
Students are expected to purchase their own textbooks and stationery items. The College facilitates the buying of textbooks through an external provider. The sale of second-hand books is also through an external provider.

Music Tuition
Where private tuition is received by a student for a musical instrument, a separate fee is payable each semester. The fee charges are set by the Victorian Music Teachers’ Association.

Other Costs
Other costs may be applicable depending on options that students select, such as non-compulsory Residential Camps, VET and VCAL costs.

Initial & Periodical Costs
All these costs occur at the beginning of secondary schooling and at other times as required.

Each student must wear the College Uniform at all times, particularly when going to and from school and other occasions as directed. The approved sports Uniform must be worn for Physical Education classes, games and matches.  A second-hand uniform shop is located at the Vermont South Campus. All new College uniforms are purchased through Lowes store.

College Bag
Each student must possess and use an official College Bag.  These can be purchased from the College uniform shop or Lowes store.

2022 Fee and Charges Summary

Compulsory Charges


Tuition Composite Camp Fees Laptop Total per Annum
Year 7 $7,450 $880 $325 $1,628 $10,283
Year 8 $7,450 $880 $725 N/A $9,055
Year 9 $7,450 $880 $775 N/A $9,105
Year 10 $7,450 $880 N/A $1,628 Windows $9,958
Year 10 $7,450 $880 N/A $1,924 MacBook $10,254
Year 11 $7,450 $880 N/A N/A $8,330
Year 12 $7,450 $880 $265 N/A $8,595


Sibling Discounts
15% discount on tuition fee only for the second child -$1,118
30% discount on tuition fee only for the third child -$2,236
Fourth and subsequent students No charge

Payment in full discount (paid by 11 February 2022) – $300 per student

Other Non Compulsory Charges (as applicable) per student

Annual Cost
VET/VCAL charges (to be advised) Billed 2022
Charter Bus Both Ways $1,040
Charter Bus One Way $520
Charter Bus Between Campuses – Both Ways $602
Charter Bus Between Campuses – One Way $301
Music Tuition Group: 30 minutes $918
Music Tuition Individual : 30 minutes $1,377
Music Tuition Individual Year 10-12: 45 minutes $2,066
Music Tuition Individual: 60 minutes $2,754
Music Instrument Hire $240
Outdoor Ed Camp – (Elective in Year 10) $560