EISM Weekly Sport at Emmaus College

Emmaus is involved in the EISM weekly sport competition at Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and at the Senior level (Year 10-12). Students who participate in this competition will have the opportunity to play in a number of different sports against other schools within our association. The sports on offer are as follows:

Senior Sports – Summer (Term 1) Sport

GIRLS: Netball A & B, Softball, Cricket Super 8’s, Soccer, Badminton, Tennis A & B, Ultimate Frisbee

BOYS: Basketball A & B, Softball, T20 Cricket, Hockey, Badminton, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis A & B

Senior Sports – Winter (Term 2 & 3) Sport

GIRLS: Football, Basketball A & B, Volleyball A & B, Hockey, Table Tennis, Touch Rugby

BOYS: Football, Netball A&B, Volleyball A & B, Soccer, Table Tennis, Touch Rugby

Year 9 Junior Sports

TERM 1: Basketball A & B, Indoor Soccer, Softball, Touch Rugby, Mixed Tennis

TERM 2 & 3: Badminton, Football, Hockey (Girls), Soccer (Boys), Indoor Cricket, Volleyball A & B

TERM 4: Cricket Super 8’s, Netball A & B, Soccer (Girls), Hockey (Boys), Table Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee

Year 8 Junior Sports

TERM 1: Basketball, Soccer (Girls), Hockey (Boys), Table Tennis, Mixed Tennis, Softball

TERM 2: Football, Hockey (Girls), Soccer (Boys), Netball, Volleyball, Badminton

Year 7 Junior Sports

TERM 3: Basketball, Football, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Touch Rugby

TERM 4: Netball, Indoor Cricket, Hockey, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee

Over the last few years, Emmaus has continually grown the sport program to become one of the biggest and successful schools within the EISM competition. We have a strong participation rates amongst our students with a high level of enthusiasm and school spirit. We have been able to achieve multiple premierships at the senior level as well as at the junior level which we continually look to build on.

EISM Sport Carnivals

As part of the EISM sporting association, we compete in the following main sport carnivals: Athletics, Swimming, and Cross Country. In addition to this, we also compete in the EISM 5-A-Side Soccer, EISM Tennis Open and EISM Beach Carnival. These carnivals always follow our house carnivals which are fantastic sporting events and ones that every student look forward to each year. From these house carnivals, students are selected to represent Emmaus at the EISM divisional carnivals. Currently, Emmaus is in Division 1 for both Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country.

Other Sporting Opportunities

Emmaus offers a number of other sporting opportunities for all students. They are as follows:

  • Emmaus College Cheer Squad
  • Emmaus College Triathlon Team
  • Netball Victoria Competition
  • Molton 3-on-3 Basketball Competition
  • EISM Golf Event
  • Lunchtime Sport
  • School Sport Victoria Affiliation enabling students to represent Emmaus College at these sanctioned events

Emmaus College Sport Records

The college has been fortunate to have a number of students who excel in their chosen sporting field and have been able to attain a number of school records as well as EISM records. Further to this, there have been a number of students who have been inducted into the Emmaus College Sport Hall of Fame. Those students are as follows:

Name Sporting Achievement Date
David Brock Open Australian Decathlon Champion 2015
Michael Di Pasquale Junior International Sporter World Champion 2015
Micaela Wilson Member of the Collingwood Magpies Netball Team 2017
Godfrey Slattery National Under 19 Track Cycling Gold Medalist 2017
Jake Marinov 17+ Australian Trampolining Champion 2017
Samuel Gallagher U19 Australian Keirin Champion 2018
Tess Flintoff Member of the Melbourne Stars Women’s Cricket Team 2019
Jaesaya Bidwell-Barton Member of the U19 Australian Lacrosse Team 2020

Emmaus College Sporting Facilities

Here at Emmaus we are extremely fortunate to have some of the best facilities in this region. They are as follows:

  • State of the art multipurpose stadium which has the capability to hold multiple sports
  • International standard synthetic soccer pitch
  • Recently upgraded oval
  • 6 synthetic tennis courts
  • Fully equipment gym
  • 3 outside netballs courts