Welcome to 2024!

We extend a very warm welcome to the 2024 school year at Emmaus College, and a special welcome to parents whose first child is starting at the College this year. We are confident that the learning journey at Emmaus will be a rewarding and enriching experience for your child and your family as part of our Emmaus community.

College Expectations
The College has high expectations of our students, and our most fundamental expectation is that of respect for everyone in the College community. Respectful learning relationships are the key to helping students achieve their best and are most effective when students, parents/guardians and teachers form open, respectful and supportive partnerships. All students are required to sign the Student Code of Conduct and adhere to the Student Behaviour Policy.

Uniform and Grooming
Emmaus College has high expectations regarding the wearing of the College Uniform and personal grooming and appearance.

In order to make the start of the school year as smooth as possible, we ask that you please assist us in ensuring that your child is correctly attired with the full school uniform.

Hair: No extreme hairstyles permitted in terms of style (dreadlocks, mohawks, shaved, etc.) and colour (no two-toned undercuts, significant areas of contrasting colour, or colours that are not natural, etc.). Cuts of number 2 or above are permissible. Hair below shoulder length must be tied back at all times. All students are to be clean-shaven of facial hair.

Jewellery: No facial piercings or more than one earring in each ear (small stud or sleeper). The only acceptable piece of jewellery is a watch. Any student who returns to school adorned with a facial piercing will have to remove the piercing, including fishing wire and plastic caps.

Make-up: No student is to wear make-up; this includes fake eyelashes/extensions and fake nails and nail polish.

No allowances are made for recent piercings or false eyelashes/extensions. As explained before the end of 2023, failure to remove the piercing or extensions may result in the student being sent home.

Personal Property
Students have secure storage in their lockers. All students must lock their lockers with a College padlock. Emmaus takes no responsibility for the loss of any personal equipment. Lock combinations and passwords must not be shared with any other student. If students have misplaced their provided lock, these can be purchased from the College.

Please ensure that all books and uniforms are fully labelled with your child’s name. If an item is misplaced, we need to be able to return it to its owner as soon as possible.

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