Visual Arts
Visual Arts

The course covers appropriate elements of the main strands of the visual arts in terms of drawing, both in colour and greyscale, printing, folio development and history.

This unit aims to further extend acquired skills and encourage the creative development of new ideas and to further develop skills and confidence in the use of materials and equipment.

Visual Communication and Art are combined in Year 8 to experience both areas of the Visual Arts. In Year 9 students can choose to continue with either or both as elective choices.

Students work on a range of project topics using a variety of media and materials. They include portrait,  cityscape and still-life topics. Some work demands a highly imaginative approach, whereas an exacting technical content is a major component in other activities, namely “The Cityscape”. The Printing activity is done using hand-cut lino and a minimum, two colour printing.

Students work on building up a folio as part of each assessment, including research, sketches, reflections and recording the studio process.

Areas of Study

  • Perspective drawing
  • Collage
  • Drawing and rendering techniques
  • Lino cutting/ printing techniques

Curriculum Strands

  • Explore and express ideas
  • Art practices
  • Present and perform
  • Respond and interpret


  • Two point perspective cityscape
  • Portrait drawing
  • Lino print
  • Art element write-up
  • Folio development