In Technology students learn how to develop solutions to design and technology contexts.

They learn how design elements and principles can enhance their work. Students refer to design briefs to consider and investigate aspects of function and aesthetics. They also consider how social, cultural, economic and environmental factors influence the development of their design ideas. They trial and make products and systems based on their design concepts, justifying changes in their thinking as they design, develop and evaluate products and systems.

Design (Materials)

Students create a design solution to the problem of producing a 3D modified character from any animated movie. Students use of the Creating a Designed Solution process of Investigating, Generating, Producing, Evaluating, Planning and Managing is well documented in their folio. The folio and 3D modified character are assessed.

  • Investigating afor MAterials Generating Ideas; Cotton and Wool Research
  • Building the Modified Character
  • Reflection of Character Building

Design (Systems)

Students create a design solution to a problem involving an engineering application of an Ardunio Lilypad . Students use of the Creating a Designed Solution process of Investigating, Generating, Producing and Evaluating, Planning and Managing is documented in a digital folio. Students create an ePortfolio blog to document how they learnt to program a Lilypad. The production themes explored in class are an LED postcard, a textile mini-me/you and an interactive postcard. The digital folio and ePortfolio are the major assessment tasks.


  • Generating Ideas and Designing an Interactive Postcard
  • Producing and Evaluating an Interactive Postcard
  • Arduino Programming