Online Parent Forum – Professor Lea Waters – Wed 22 April 7.30pm

Wednesday 22 April 2020 at 7:30pm

Professor Lea Waters, psychologist and world leading expert in parenting and positive psychology, has put together this talk to help families understand the changes and challenges they are experiencing and how to come out of COVID-19 as a stronger family.

Adopting a strength-based approach, Lea helps families deal with distress and build resilience through a host of tips and practices that can be woven into daily life.

Topics include:

•    Dealing with cabin fever: Tips for eLearning and working from home.
•    How to talk about stress, anxiety and disappointment.
•    How to boost positive emotions.
•    Using COVID-19 as a time to build our strengths.
•    Creating positive family practices and rituals.
•    Staying connected and showing kindness to people outside of the family.

This is a 75 minute virtual keynote address which includes 20 minutes of Q&A.

To join this meeting, please book via the Trybooking link below.  An email will be sent to families on Wednesday afternoon with login details to join the online meeting.

Trybooking Link - How Families Can Stay Strong During Corona Virus Times
Flyer - Emmaus Parent Forum - Professor Lea Waters - Online Talk - 22 April 2020
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