Year 8 Music students further develop their performance skills on Concert Band instruments in their weekly band class.

The large class ensemble practices and refines concert band repertoire for performance. Students continue to develop their music literacy skills by studying theory concepts such as: Transposition, Form, Melody Transcription, Sighting Singing, Interval Recognition and Rhythm Transcription.

Students also learn to identify and analyse the expressive elements of music in pre-recorded works. Year 8 Music students also undertake a composition task using notation software on their iPads and complete a research assignment of an Australian music artist.


Instrumental Practice

Students continue to refine their skills on various brass and woodwind instruments. Weekly Concert Band class focuses on the learning of repertoire and ensemble performance skills.

Theory and Aural studies 

Students continue to undertake weekly theory and aural training classes helping to further develop music literacy skills. Theoretical concepts link closely to repertoire being studied and rehearsed in Concert Band class. Students continue engaging various technology including aural training software to enhance their theoretical understanding and aural awareness.


Students will study basic compositional techniques such as: melody construction, repetition and variation and motific development to use as the building block for their own original compositions. Students will engage a variety of technology including iPad applications and MIDI keyboards to create and refine their original compositions.

Research Assignment 

In small groups, students will research a contemporary Australian music artist or performer. Students will identify and document relevant information about the artist, complete a song analysis and evaluation and present their research findings to the class in a format of their choice.