Year 9 at Emmaus College provides staff and students with a unique teaching and learning opportunity designed to enhance student engagement and maximise student educational outcomes.

Adolescence is a turbulent and often challenging time in a young person’s life. An adolescent’s fierce desire for independence and shift from a parent-dependent to peer-dependent world can manifest itself in educational disengagement.

Y9@E acknowledges this and provides a program and setting designed to maintain and heighten educational engagement while also nurturing the whole student. This program is characterised by a variety of rich learning experiences, a strong sense of belonging and wellbeing and a focus of learning beyond the classroom.

The rich tapestry of learning experiences is a blend of core subjects, English, Mathematics, Religious Education, Science and Humanities, which reflect the Australian Curriculum (AusVELS) and programs which take the student physically and mentally outside the traditional classroom. These programs include City Explore, Community Connections, Active Life, Pathways and Discovery.

We also offer a variety of Elective subjects whereby students begin the journey of selecting an educational pathway. All students utilise an iPad in order to integrate information and communication technology into their everyday learning.

Finally, a dedicated Year 9 campus where students feel connected is another key ingredient in the Y9@E journey providing for the educational and personal developmental needs of our students.