Humanities Electives


The Business world has always been in a constant state of change; recently however, social media, massive corporations and technology has very quickly changed the Business landscape and the speed of innovation is meeting consumers with an incredible range of choices. In this subject, we will look at how Business effects our lives and you will learn how to make informed decisions to navigate the 21st Century consumer market. You will learn digital communication and presentation skills, analyse how to be an ethical consumer and use technology to inform economic decisions. This subject will give you the skills to have the Edge in Business.

We will examine:

  • Innovation and Marketing
  • Ethical Consumerism
  • Financial Decision Making


Dreamt of being Indiana Jones or Lara Croft? Ever wondered how we uncover the secrets of the past? Enter a world of practical history with a chance to get your hands dirty!

Can you dig it is an introduction to archaeology and the importance of artefacts in our understanding of the past. Both practical and theoretical in its approach, the subject examines how we uncover artefacts, what we do with them and how we can preserve the past. It will also involve an on campus excavation.

The unit will be divided into 3 areas of investigation:

  1. Investigating the past without digging (non-invasive archaeology)
  2. Excavation strategies (reading the landscape/field walking, excavating a ditch and artefact categorisation)
  3. After the dig is over (analysis of artefacts)


It is often said that fact is stranger than fiction and, in the current political and media climate, this has never been more accurate. In this subject we will combine a history of the media and look at the way the digital media has evolved to influence every aspect of our lives. Taking an analytical approach we will use the late 20th century to today as our timeline to examine how the media has impacted major events and changed the course of history. If you are a media junkie who wants to better understand what we are fed through television, film and social media everyday then this subject is for you.

We will examine:

  • Newsworthy? The 24 news cycle and you…
  • The narrative you tell: social media influencers- for better or worse…
  • Who do you trust? Analysing what you’re told and how it’s sold.