English Electives

People Have the Power – Literary Rebels

The best rebels challenge society and attempt to improve it through the power of their messages. Bravely challenging society’s faults and problems, literary rebels are given a free voice through song lyrics and poetry.  Other writers use a character or an entire possible future to help shape our society. The Year 9 Literature Elective looks at many kinds of rebels represented in lyrics, poetry and fiction.

The compelling dystopian fiction novel ‘Genesis’ by Bernard Beckett is studied in this elective, exploring the potential influence of Artificial Intelligence on humanity. Beckett makes a clear protest about society’s increasing dependence on computers, robotics and information technology.

To add to this, a variety of rebellious poems and lyrics will be studied and analysed in terms of their structure, language and message. Importantly, students will also have the opportunity to develop their own voice in language, through lyrics or