Our School

2018 STAFF

We are pleased to have the following teaching, administrative and support staff working at Emmaus College.


Tony Hirst      

B.Ed, Grad Dip Ed Admin, M.Ed, P Grad Dip Ed (Student Wellbeing), Grad Cert RE, MACE, MACEL


William Keane
Assistant Principal - Learning & Innovation 

BA (Hons), Dip Ed, Grad Dip RE, M Ed St, D.Ed, MACEL


Stephen Bourbon 
Assistant Principal -  Students 

BA, Dip Ed,Grad Dip RE, Grad Dip Socal Welfare, M ED (Leadership)


David White
Assistant Principal -  Teaching & Operations

B.Sci, Dip Ed, M.Ed (Leadership), M.Ed  (Student Wellbeing)


Anne McLachlan 
Director of Religious Education in Faith

BA, Dip Ed, Grad Dip RE, Grad Dip Social Welfare, M ED (Leadership)

Sam Di Camillo Director Y9@E
Michelle Colette Director of Students
Antionette Siarabalos e-Learning Co-ordinator 
Liam Baggoley Director Daily Organisation
Rob Mulholland Assistant Daily Organisation
Patricia Shaw Senior House Leader Chavoin
Ann Hyland Senior House Leader Colin
Brendan Boyle Senior House Leader More
Teresa Talia Senior House Leader Rice
Stephen Willis Middle House Leader Chavoin
Wendy Wyngaard Middle House Leader Colin
Jane Willison Middle House Leader More
Terry Carman Middle House Leader Rice
Claudia Stow  Year 9 Assistant - Students 

Allison Nally LAL Religious Education 
Kintara Phillips LAL English
Martin Kendrick LAL Maths
Karen Daniels LAL Science
Maria Sabo LAL LOTE
Alyssa Clarke LAL HPE 
Rob Mulholland LAL Arts
Lauren teWierik LAL Humanities
Mark Pengilley LAL Technology
Elia Carter Sport Co-ordinator 
Julie Sykes VCE Co-ordinator
John Collins Director of Music 
Lorrayne Brooks-Dowsett Educational Support Co-ordinator 
Charmaine Sinclair Assistant Educational Support Co-ordinator
Anthony Quon  Year 9 Assistant - Programs 
Denise McCann VET Co-ordinator
Kieran Witts VCAL Co-ordinator

Linden Compassi Chavoin 1
Mark Pilson Chavoin 2
Maria Soltani Chavoin 3
Wenny Hollingdale Chavoin 4
Michelle Di Guglielmo Chavoin 5
Simon Stack Chavoin 9
Robert Mulholland  Chavoin 10
Vince Bernardo Chavoin 11
Mary Rhodes Chavoin 12
Karen Daniels Chavoin 13
Alice Mount Chavoin 14
Robyn Dowling Colin 1
Victoria Blundell Colin 2
Alyssa Clarke Colin 3
Elia Carter Colin 4
Rob Santagada Colin 5
Jenni Monaghan Colin 9
Tamie Nasr Colin 10
Denise McCann Colin 11
Dianne Ploutos Colin 12
Helen Phillips  Colin 13
Brenton Kennedy  Colin 14
Kieran Witts More 1
Eloise Warburton More 2
Tim Howe  More 3
Sarai Mumford More 4
Amy Witorz  More 5
Alan Sutton More 9
Helen Sirianni More 10
Katherine Patmore More 11
Anne Falvey More 12
Bernadette Taylor More 13
Maria Kanelopoulos More 14
Kim Kelso  Rice 1
Sione Ogden Rice 2
Kate Muthuswamy Rice 3
Trevor Kloprogge Rice 4
Elise Cavallo Rice 5
Richard Neilsen Rice 9
Frank Mithen  Rice 10
Andrea Contessotto Rice 11
Christian Stuckey  Rice 12
Mike Bazeley Rice 13
Kerryn Dodson Rice 14

Damian Hess 9A
Peter Russo 9B
Catherine Ryan
Kathryn Minenna
Matthew Orsini 9D
Claudia Stow 9E
Emilia Da Silva 9F
Grace Larzabal
Janice Stiglich
Jill Bartlett 9H
Scott Eddington 9J
Anthony Quon 9K

Madeline Sibbing College Psychologist
Maria Bailey College Psychologist
Chrissy Ballas  College Psychologist
Diane Duncan Science Laboratory Technician
Anna Ricciardi Science Laboratory Technician
Mara Silins Science Laboratory Technician
Graeme Merrick Careers Counsellor
Robert Simmons Careers Counsellor 

Pathum Thambawitage ITS Co-ordinator
Peter Chu Computer Technician
Nalin Dissanayake Computer Technician
Ivan Wong Computer Technician
Jeff Sherwin-Simpson Computer Technician

Raquel Brown  
Mary Di Venere  
Margaret Kempner  
Steven Krygger  
Louise Maffei  
Heather Maynard  
Craig McLean  
Jane Parish  
Tracey Reilly  
Sherwyn Rogers  
Chris Ryan  
Kathy Tomasoni  

Leah Evans Library Manager 
Christine Lyons Librarian 
Brigida Dal Santo Library Technician
Gabrielle O'Loughlin Library Technician

Gary Casey Business Manager
Mae Louise McGuinness Human Resource/Compliance Manager
Gerard de Lang VASS & Markbook Administrator
Vanessa Keane Nurse (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)
Sheila Slattery Nurse (Wed)
Alison Alberico  Registrar
Wendy Williams Principal's Assistant
Fiona Macaulay Administrative Officer, Publications/Publicity
Denise Hickey Administrative Officer, Cashier
Natasha Lock Administrative Officer, Accounts Payable
Maryanne Mahoney Accountant
Alexandra Niarchos Administrative Officer, Debtors
Lynne Watson Administrative Officer, Payroll Officer
Malia Ryan Administrative Officer, Receptionist Vermont South
Nicole McCurdy Administrative Officer, Receptionist Vermont South
Claire Ross Administrative Officer, Receptionist Y9@E Campus
Geraldine Klein Receptionist Student Services, Vermont South 
Bernadette Savage Receptionist Student Services, Vermont South
Mary Gartland Administrative Officer, Vermont South
Helen Hirst Administrative Officer, Y9@E Campus

Matthew Anderton Facilities and Maintenance Manager
Ian Henley Maintenance, Vermont South
Ashley Irvine Grounds Maintenance, Vermont South
Matthew Lynch Maintenance, Y9@E Campus
Adrian Frizziero   Groundsperson, Vermont South

Ines Dickson Canteen Manager, Vermont South
Patricia Gooding Canteen Manager, Y9@E Campus
Susan O'Halloran Canteen Manager Across Campus
Maria Dowling Food Technology Assistant
Geraldine Klein Food Technology Assistant 
Denise Hickey/Natasha Lock Second Hand School Uniform Shop
Frank Eccles Bus Driver
Stuart Stancombe Bus Driver