Our School
Leadership Structure


The College is managed by the Emmaus College Board, under  delegation from the Association of Canonical Administrators, in accordance with the Constitution which is approved by the Archbishop of Melbourne. The Emmaus College Board acts as a Board of Management. The Board is composed of The Canonical Administrators, a lay member from each regional parish, the College Principal and Assistant Principals and a member of staff from each campus. The Board has a Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson and the Business Manager of the College provides financial advice to the Board.

A number of sub-committees exist to support the work of the Emmaus College Board.

These sub-committees are:

  • Education Committee
  • Finance Committee


Parents with an interest in joining one of the sub-committee are invited to submit an expression of interest to the Chair of the College Board.

In 2017, the College Board consists of the following:

Board Nomination approved by the Canonical Administrators Mr Paul Allen (Chair)
Cannonical Administrators Representative - Holy Saviour Parish Rev Fr Julian Langridge 
Principal Mr Tony Hirst
Assistant Principal - Teaching & Learning Dr William Keane
Assistant Principal -  Staff Mr David White
Assistant Principal - Student Wellbeing Ms Anne McLachlan
Business Manager Mr Gary Casey
Honorary Treasurer Mr Louis Souchon 
Staff Representative Mrs Wendy Wyngaard
St Timothy’s, Forest Hill Mrs Dionne Bird 
St Scholastica’s, Bennetswood Vacant
St Christopher’s, Syndal Vacant
Holy Saviour, Vermont South Mrs Rachel Colla
St Thomas the Apostle, Blackburn Mr Marco Negro 
St Luke the Evangelist, Blackburn South Vacant
St Benedict's, Burwood Mr Michael Ballek
St Phillip's Blackburn North Vacant 
Vermont South Campus Mrs Wendy Williams (Minutes)