iPads and Apps for 2017

iPads for 2017

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For students at Year 7 who need to purchase an iPad the College has the following two options: 

  1. The College can purchase an iPad Air2 Wi-Fi 128GB at a cost of $745 .This sum covers the iPad as well as those applications (Apps) required for use by the College. This amount will be included in the annual invoice and parents will have the option of paying this amount in instalments along with the fees. 
  2. Bring their own iPad to school providing the device meets the College technical guidelines (see below). There will be a “one-off” charge of $70 that will cover apps for learning in Years 7.

Please note that the purchase of e-text books is covered separately in the College Resource list. The College recommends the purchase of a cover for the iPad. We have found that a cover which includes a keyboard is best. 

The BYO iPad must be a minimum specification of iPad Air 2. The iPad should not have a Sim Card installed.

In order to ensure that the College purchases the correct number of iPads, parents are requested to advise if your child is bringing their own iPad. It is highly recommended that parents consider purchasing the latest iPad, Air2 wifi 128 GB. Older iPads are no longer supported by Apple and may not last the three years required for learning.

Apps for 2017

Parents have co-contributed $70 towards purchasing Apps for learning. The following Apps have been provided:

  • iMovie - video editing/vodcasting/podcasting; 
  • iStopMotion- For Claymation & video editing 
  • Keynote - presentations
  • Numbers - spread sheets
  • GarageBand – creation of music
  • Pages - word processing
  • Book Creator – creation of e- books
  • Explain Everything – create videos to explain concepts
  • GoodReader – annotation for PDFs and file management
  • PDF Expert- for annotation and interaction with PDF Files
  • Cltex- scripting writing for Drama, English and other subject areas
  • MS Office Suite

Parents may also like to provide their child with a keyboard and/or a stylus.  These items are not required, but some students may find them useful.