Warranty Loss and Repair

Repair and Turnaround Time

Families of students who purchased their iPad independently from the College are responsible for warranty and insurance arrangements. Families who purchased their iPad from the College are also responsible for their own insurance arrangements. There will be a waiting period of 2 days for repairs, for iPads purchased through the College. 

Screen Damage

Regardless of where the iPad was purchased, that is through the College or independently, the glass screen is not covered under warranty. It is important that parents realise that this will be an additional expense to repair. This is why purchasing a cover is essential to keep the iPad safe.

NB: Whether the glass screen is cracked or completely broken the college advises that the iPad should be repaired as quickly as practicable. This is to ensure optimal functionality of the device as well as protect the safety of the user.


Please note:  'jailbreaking' voids Apple's warranty. As such, the iPad must not be jail broken.  Jail broken devices will require complete replacement of the iPad at the family’s cost and will NOT be covered under warranty nor insurance.