iPad Information

Parents of students in Years 7 to 9 will need an iPad as standard school equipment in 2017. Subjects with specialist ICT requirements will have access to technologies designed to address specific learning requirements through computer laboratories.

To ensure compatibility and performance:

iPads supplied by parents must be iPad Air 2. Please note that an iPad mini is unacceptable.

We strongly recommend a WiFi only model to ensure internet traffic goes through our network services while at school. We provide internet filtering to prevent students from accessing inappropriate material.

We suggest purchasing an extended warranty (AppleCare Protection Plan) and a robust case that will minimize potential damage. 

For backing up purposes, students will need a home computer with iTunes software as well as an iCloud account activated through the student’s Apple account.

Parents will be asked to purchase the following items. (The cost listed in the brackets has been provided as a guide.)

Earphones - we recommend Apple Earphones with remote and microphone ($35)

A sturdy case for the iPad is required. The case will protect the iPad against damage, especially the glass screen.  Prices for cases range from ($20.00) upwards with many vendors offering a case, keyboard and stylus for competitive prices.

Parents have co-contributed $70 towards purchasing Apps for learning.
The following Apps have been provided:

  • Apps required on all student iPads:
  • iMovie - video editing/vodcasting/podcasting; only for 
  • Keynote - presentations 
  • Numbers - spread sheets 
  • GarageBand – creation of music 
  • Pages - word processing
  • Creative Book Builder – creation of e-books
  • Explain Everything – create videos to explain concept
  • GoodReader – annotation for PDFs and file management
  • MS Office Suite

Parents may also like to provide their child with a keyboard and/or a stylus.  These items are not required, but some students may find them useful.