Humanities Electives


Espionage through the Ages

In this Elective Unit the Students develop an understanding of the vocabulary of espionage and learn the techniques of the spy and spymaster over different time periods. They compare and contrast spies and espionage at various times in history and debate the morality of immoral acts. Students also investigate the differences between historical fact and historical fiction.


  • Research Task on Spy Techniques
  • Dossier on Deception in WWII
  • Design Your Own Spy Wear
  • Semester Examination

Business Economics

In Business Economics, students investigate how entrepreneurs start businesses, business planning and marketing. Students looked at the part they play in the economy as consumers, and developed valuable skills as they investigated making a major purchase, savings, superannuation and investment. Students will consider “Game Theory”; how to make the best choices and making the best choices using decision trees (possibly including basic probability). They will examine “Behavioural Economics” and various human biases. 


  • Business Day
  • Application Task
  • Marketing Plan
  • Semester examination


Students explore the power of allegories to express philosophical messages. They also look at Philosophy in popular culture, especially television, film and song. In the branch of philosophy known as Ethics, students learn to respond to ethical issues from different philosophical perspectives, specifically applying the Moral Spectrum. Furthermore, students contribute to an Online Community of Inquiry whereby they are able to pose their own philosophical questions and respond the questions of their peers.


  • Ethical Approaches
  • Philosophy and Popular Culture
  • Allegorical Task
  • Online Discussion            
  • Semester Examination