Informing and Involving Parents

College Calendar
The College Calender is published at the beginning of each year as an official timetable of College Activities. Each family receives a copy.

College Newsletter
The College publishes a Newsletter which is designed to keep parents and students informed of activities at the College. This is emailed to parents every three weeks.

College Annual
Available at the beginning of each year the College Annual provides the official records of the previous year’s activities, including class photos. A copy is distributed to each student.

Parent Meetings
At important times in the Academic year, meetings are held to outline programs and special events to parents. At some meetings, parents have the opportunity to meet with Pastoral Group Teachers and other staff and address any concerns. Once per term the Principal conducts a ‘Parents' Forum’.

The Emmaus College website address is: www.emmaus.vic.edu.au Increasingly, this homepage provides a ready source of information about the College and its activities, as well as contact points within the school. 

Reporting & Assessment
Assessment Reports are issued at regular intervals throughout the year.

Years 7-10 Detailed and comprehensive reports are issued at the end of Terms 2 and 4.
In addition, Interim Reports are provided at the end of Terms 1 and 3.
Years 11-12 Detailed reports are issued at the end of each semester.
Interim Reports are issued at the end of Terms 1 and 3.

Involving Parents
Parents are encouraged to become involved in the College through Membership of:

  • Board Committees - Parents & Friends Association, Education Committee, Finance Committee
  • Assistance in the College Canteens
  • Mentoring students in the College
  • Attending Parents’ Forums