Changes to 2018/19 Year 7 Enrolments


Enrolment Timeline Changes for Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools


Dear Parents/Guardians of students currently in Year 4 and Year 5

There has been a significant change to the long established enrolment timeline for Victoria Catholic Secondary Schools, including Emmaus College.

All enrolment applications for Year 7 2019 and beyond will close on the last Friday in August (25th) while students are still in Year 5 (previously Catholic secondary enrolments closed at the end of February while students were in Year 6).

What does this mean for you as parents?

If you are considering enrolling your child for Year 7 2019 at Emmaus College (or subsequent years e.g. Year 7 2020), applications will need to be submitted six months earlier than currently is the case (August while the student is in Year 5).

Letters of offer will be mailed to families in early October 2017 for Year 7 2019.

Enrolment applications submitted after the closing date of late August will most likely have to be placed on a waiting list.

What about Year 7 2018?

There will be no change to the enrolment timelines for Year 7 2018. Applications will close on the 17th February 2017 and offers will be mailed in late April 2017.

What should I do now?

If you have children in either Year 4 or Year 5, it is definitely the time to commence planning the selection of the Catholic secondary school for your child. We would encourage you to attend College Tours, Information Sessions, Open Days etc. to learn more about Emmaus College, and perhaps other Catholic schools in your area.

How will Emmaus College assist families with this change in enrolment process?

As well as providing continued information regarding this important change, an Emmaus College enrolment pack will be sent to all Year 5 and Year 4 students in our priority parish Catholic primary schools in 2017, as both information and a reminder of this change in process. Clearly Catholic and non-Catholic families attending schools within or outside the priority parish boundaries are welcome to obtain an enrolment pack from Emmaus College at any time and lodge the enrolment application.   

Enrolment Guidelines

Full details of the Emmaus College enrolment guidelines are available on the college website in the enrolment section.

If you have any questions regarding this change, would like a tour or require further information, please contact the College Registrar, Mrs Alison Alberico at registrar@emmaus.vic.edu.au or call 9845 3209.

We are proud of our school and look forward to discussing the potential enrolment of your child/children at Emmaus.

Yours sincerely

Tony Hirst